Safe haven

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The term safe haven has several unique definitions including the following listed.

A store of something of value that loses none or little of its value in the case of a stock market crash or times of hyperinflation. For example, during the Great Depression, gold was considered a safe haven. However, one must ensure that the item of value never fluctuates.



A financially secure offshore bank or country may also be described as a safe haven during times of extreme uncertainty, or when domestic banks are suspected of becoming insolvent. Switzerland is an ideal example.


A region utilized by refugees who have fled their own countries of origin to seek protection or relief from persecution or other various hardships. The safe haven would be the place that they would gain asylum. The United States is an ideal example of this.

For the children

Safe haven laws which decriminalize the leaving of unharmed infants with statutorily designated private persons, so that the child becomes a ward of the state and is deemed protected. In the United States, this area is governed by child protective services.


The hours of the day when it is permissible for broadcast radio stations in the United States to broadcast profanity (more commonly referred to as "the seven dirty words") over the airwaves without fear of retribution from the FCC. This small window that the FCC is ignorant is typically is two hours in length.


Another safe haven would be where one can be they without retribution. Such places would be locations of social gatherings or even specific web sites.