Rent (film)

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The film is adapted from the Broadway musical. The story is loosely based on the opera, Le Boheme, by Puccini. It is a story of people living on New York’s East Side, in Greenwich Village, who have all kinds of obstacles in their way, still they struggle and survive.


There are a host of characters and scenarios. These are the characters and the actors that played the roles:

Benny-Taye Diggs Angel-Wilson Germaine Heredia Tom Collins-Jesse L. Martin Maureen Johnson-Idina Menzel Roger Davis-Adam Pascal Mark Cohen-Anthony Rapp Mimi Marquez-Rosario Dawson Joanne Jefferson-Tracie Thoms


All of the characters confront the issues of unemployment, AIDS, poverty, lost loves, loneliness and family matters.

They seek love and success in the highly competitive, unforgiving world of New York City. Everyone is looking for something to hold onto, and anything as a way to get through the struggle to survive.

Production facts

The film is a product of Robert DeNiro’s association with Revolution Studios. It was filmed in both San Francisco and New York City. Julie Larson, sister of the writer, Jonathan Larson served as co-producer of the film.

1. Produced by Robert DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal and 1492 Pictures Columbus.

2. The play won the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

3. The play won the Obie Award.

4. The play won the New York Drama Critics Award.

5. The play won three Drama Desk Awards.