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The Receptionist is an administrative and office support position. The individual usually works in a waiting area (like a lobby or front office) of an organization, business or company. A receptionist is the person that is hired to greet visitors, patients and clients. Some companies are currently using the title “Director of First Impressions” for such job positions.


During history, the job was mainly occupied by women. Nowadays many men are also employed in the position. Common job titles like front desk coordinator or information clerk are given to people acting as receptionists in given circumstances. The position usually demands that the individual has a high school diploma although many people also have college degrees and specializations similar to the area of work of the employing company. Duties needed to be done by receptionist may include several difficult tasks. He may need to answer questions asked by visitors concerning the company, direct them to their destinations, sort mail, answer phones, filling records, arranging appointments and taking in different office tasks. Security access control can also be taken in by receptionists but the most important fact that he/she needs to understand is that the first person that will come into contact with a visitor is the receptionist. Because of this professionalism is an absolutely needed quality. Most receptionists will not want to move up the ladder in the company, with only a few achieving higher positions. Smaller business can often portray the receptionist as an office manager and when one leaves the job they usually go into marketing or sales related fields of activity.