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The term race is used to separate one group of human from another. This is commonly determined by skin color, and facial features. Although it can also be determined by genes and other forms of identification. Many times the racial differences are also by culture and this can cause a variety of complications in classifying a race.


One of the main debates has been the full definition of the word race. It has been the focus for a variety of debates ranging from literature definitions, cultural definitions, and also scientific definitions. There are still others that view that the word race is but a broader classification and that race is really a means of grouping all of the humans on the earth.

Over the past one hundred years, the term races has become a more obsolete term. Many have begun to see the human species as something that has no reason to be broken down in a classification as race. Since this has only caused problems in social and culture arenas.


One of the reasons for the disuse of the term race is the problems that have occurred in the past. Many differing ethnic groups have viewed themselves at the pure race or the superior race. This has been the focal point of countless battles and the source of much suffering and death.

The Crusades were for religion, yet it was the Jews that were brutalized by countless crusaders when they Jews treated them as less than worthy of their services. In World War II, millions of Jews were slaughtered in the name of a master race. The American Civil War, people killed others for the rights of African Americans. This has been a sad note in humankind’s history, yet one that seems to be coming to an end.