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Psychometry is the psychic ability to understand the history of an object or a place by reading the energy or memories imprinted on it. This ability is practiced by psychic detectives who are said to have a gift but there are many who believe that most people could develop the ability by training their minds. Another theory is that it is an ability controlled by spiritual forces.

Psychometry is a part of parapsychology which is the study of mental awareness of objects without any physical intervention. The term was first used by J.R Buchanan in 1842 after developing the theory that all objects give off an emanation. He believed that things and places imprinted bursts of energy or memories both positive and negative and these recordings could be read by a person who was psychometric. The visions the psychometric received flash by rapidly in the mind and are in no logical order but the psychic could then give a history of the object or the place.

Psychic detectives

The psychic detective is very popular in novels and movies and the actions of real life psychics also receive a lot of media attention. News stories have covered situations where psychometrics have led the police to a burial place, or held a murder weapon in their hands and revealed the true culprit. In a recent expose on the subject, however, investigative journalists in America have cast doubts on many of the claims made by those who supposedly have this gift.

Their conclusion was that anyone could have a 50% success rate by guessing or following a logical thought process. During the programme, the FBI and the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children denied using the services of psychometrics.