Psyche (psychology)

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What the psyche is is completely subjective as it is invisible and untouchable and there are some who would deny it being separate from the mind. One theory has it as the fourth part of the non-physical human being, the other parts being the consciousness, mind and soul. It has been likened to a hard disk that records memories and a digestive organ that masters fear which is a description that has supporters and critics, but it is the definition that will be examined here.

Fear management

According to this theory, the psyche may differ in complexity from one person to another. While a more complex psyche is able to reflect a more sophisticated reality, it is also more likely to distort it. In this case, the distortions are likely to be intensified and thus the function of fear management no longer works efficiently. Should the problem become serious, psychoanalysis may be required to restore a healthy processing of fear.

The four parts

The psyche works closely with the mind and the consciousness. The mind constitutes the cognitive abilities and regularly reasons with the fears the psyche has not processed realistically. Consciousness develops because of the unrealistic fears of the psyche and works with the mind to correct the distortions. Whereas the psyche is of the body and therefore depends on it for its existence, the soul is unfading.

According to this theory, the psyche connects the body with the mind and soul of the individual as well as the rest of humanity as part of the collective psyche.