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A Profession is an occupation that needs extra training, studying and mastery over a special type of knowledge that holds a process of certification, an ethical code and a professional association. In the beginnings only three professions were known: law, medicine and ministry.


In the past the numbers of professions were limited because of clergy members, lawyers and medical doctors holding a monopoly on professional status and education. As time passed and technology evolved other professions were established and gained professional status: accountants, engineers, educationalists, paramedics and several others. In current time all job types can become professions. Prostitution is even considered to be the oldest profession by some individuals although it is not currently accepted by most countries.


Nowadays several professions have common qualities. One individual will hold a professional and it will be his method of getting an income. Most professions also have authority and self guidance. They create their own standards and needed steps to be achieved in becoming a professional. Some professions can not be practiced until the mentioned needed steps are completed. For instance, a lawyer can not hold a case unless accredited by a law school through a license. Several professions will also hold records of important practitioners in their history. Extensive training is needed and due to the competitive surrounding only some people manage to become professionals.