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Process is a verb that is used to describe an ongoing sequence or series of sequences certain items will go through. The term process is an explanation where something goes through changes that will make the subject into something else. This can be a short and rapid alteration or a long and constant metamorphosis. These can be broken down into a number of categories, these are all dependant upon what the criteria is for the classification of each.

Engineering and programming perspectives

Both engineering and programming have three base types of processes that are either one event or a series of operations that can alter or update information or a source. These three base types are singular, reoccurring, and periodic. The singular process is one that happens only once. These are extremely rare. The reoccurring process is one that is consistently being utilized by one or more sources. Periodic processes are commonly ones that are set to a scheduled time or when a certain trigger occurs, such as when you boot down a computer or close a program.


Examples are numerous to behold specific processes at work. Here are a few examples:

  • The process of smelting ores from the waste byproducts in mining.
  • Evolution is a process that shows Darwinism at hand where nature allows species to either adapt or become extinct.
  • Scientific transformation is a list of possible processes such as diffraction, refraction, distillation, genetic mutation, activation, osmosis, and these are to name only a few.
  • In science the biological cycle is a process that defines such aspects as conception, birth, development and growth, respiratory, digestion, death, and so many others that are in minor classifications.
  • The composition and creation of music is a process in which an idea is generated into musical sounds that are made into songs.
  • The process of war and the aftermath that eventually occurs.
  • Business processes or portfolio can be considered the flowchart for the needed goals to be completed.