Pretty Hate Machine

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Pretty Hate Machine is an album by Nine Inch Nails and released in 1989. Pretty Hate Machine is the second official Nine Inch Nails release and the band's first major release.



Working nights at a recording studio cleaning toilets, Trent Razor was able to save enough money to purchase time in a recording studio. Playing all of the keyboards, drum machines, guitars, and samplers himself, he recorded a demo and sent it to various record labels. Not expecting any serious response, Reznor was quite surprised when he received numerous offers from many of the labels.

The Team

Teaming up with agent John A. Malm, Jr., Reznor signed a deal with TVT Records to TVT paired Trent up with well-known producers Adrian Sherwood and Flood, as well as some lesser-known.


The album was released on October 20, 1989 and was a critical success in every way. It received serious radio airplay for the singles "Down in It", "Head Like a Hole" and "Sin". The album also gained popularity through word-of-mouth and developed an underground following.

Beginning of a band

Reznor quickly hired a band for touring with the band The Jesus and Mary Chain, including guitarist and future Filter front man Richard Patrick. NIN's live set was notorious for being louder, more aggressive versions of the studio songs, and also for destroying their instruments at the end. Reznor enjoyed using the heel of his boots to strip the keys from expensive keyboards.


Since the album has been released, a recording known as Purest Feeling surfaced. This bootleg album contains the original demo recordings of most of the tracks found on PHM, as well as a couple that were not used ("Purest Feeling" and "Maybe Just Once").