Press kit

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A press kit is a pre-packaged promotional package designed for the purpose of making known a particular person, event, or product. Press kits are often sent to radio stations, television stations or other media sources, and usually contain a variety of components. Some of the components are a CD or demo, and reviews, photos and background information on a particular person, group, and event in the form of a press release for a news conference.

Purpose of Press Kits

The purpose of a press kit is to help generate positive press coverage of a particular newsworthy item to further promote it. It is a more advanced version of the traditional 1-2 page press releases that are most commonly sent to journalists.

The purpose of press kits is to provide more detailed information about news information than would a news release, otherwise known as a press release. It also gives journalists more information to use when planning a press conference.

Press kits help journalists prepare a list of questions that they can ask in regards to a particular even, person, or product. Furthermore, the more information those journalists have, the more in depth of a story they will present to the public.

Even sometimes negative press kits can inform the public and advance awareness of newsworthy information. However, the most effective press kits will promote a particular item in a positive light whenever possible.