Pierre Cardin

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Pierre Cardin was born near Venice Italy in 1922. When he was 23, he moved to Paris where he studied architecture but he became a fashion designer and then her worked with Schiaparelli and then he worked for the fashion designer Christian Dior before going out on his own.

Pierre’s own fashions

Pierre Cardin opened his own house of fashion in 1950 and designed haute couture in 1953. Cardin is known for his avant-garde styles and space age designs. Pierre Cardin loved geometric shapes and sometimes forgot the female form. He created the “bubble dress in 1954. In addition, Pierre Cardin was the first couturier to turn Japan into an international fashion market when he went there in 1959.

Career continues

In 1959, Pierre Cardin was expelled from the Chambre Syndicale for creating a ready to wear for the Spring department store because he was the first couturier in Paris. Although, he was reinstated, he resigned his post at the Chambre Syndicale in 19966 to show his collections at his own boutique. His boutique called the Escape Cardin was also used to showcase new artistic talents such as musicians. Andre Oliver, a fellow designer took control of the haute couture collections in 1987.

Restaurant and real estate

Pierre Cardin also purchased Maxim’s restaurants in 1981 and opened franchises in New York and Beijing China. There were also many food products under the Maxim name. Before, he died in 1994; Pierre Cardin owned the ruins of a castle in Lacoste, Vacluse that was formally owned by Marquis de Sade.