Physical fitness

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Consistent physical activity, healthful diet, proper nutrition and a good amount of rest all attribute to a person being physically fit. Physical ability is not necessarily a factor in determining one’s physical fitness. A wheelchair bound individual can be considered to be in good physical shape but their physical ability may be hindered.

Boot camp

The military is known for its concentration on physical fitness. New recruits, in any branch of the military, much go through some sort of physical training usually called boot camp. Most boot camps last for 6 weeks, though tit can last longer. In order for each new recruit to be accepted into the specified branch, he or she must complete boot camp training. In addition, during the boot camp phase of training, the recruits must adhere to strict bed times as well as prompt morning calls. One final touch to the training is that recruits are offered three square meals per day. Caloric intake is monitored as well as general nutrition of the food offered.

Boot camp for civilians

The popularity of fitness training in general has increased over the last few years. With adult and childhood obesity on the rise, the Surgeon General is urging people to take a more proactive approach to physical fitness. One popular way is military-style training workouts. Usually, trained military fitness instructors teach this level of workout. Usually, the instructor is a former Drill Sergeant or Special Forces operative. Each workout includes similar formats to mirror the boot camps of the military - push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, general callisthenic exercises, and runs. The workouts are quite intense as the instructor almost always treats the fitness goals of the civilians as he would those of new recruits.