Philippines immigration

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As of January 2008, about 10 million Filipinos — more than 10% of the country's — were working in more than 200 countries and territories.

In the Philippines a minimum of 3,000 individuals go away everyday to work in another country. Oftentimes you will discover a couple of members of a family generally working and residing abroad. A similar case is true with other countries in Asia and other poorer regions in the world. What are the causes of this migration of citizens from one region to the other? The main cause is for financial reasons. People want to obtain a better life. Attractive chances like lucrative jobs, better working conditions and finer standards of life. All of these lure a lot of people to go abroad.

Where are US immigrants coming from:

  • Mexico (30.7%)
  • Philippines (4.4%)
  • China (4.1%)
  • India (4%)


The story of a Filipino nurse

The waiting area of the airport was crammed with several persons that day. There was a gathering of relatives and friends who wished adieus to their departing relatives. There was a group of travelers anxious to get to their destinations; a couple of them were traveling to the U.S., others to the Middle East and further others to Europe. My friend was among them. She was waiting for that day to come.

Visa applications

Subsequent to years of grueling immigrant visa applications including several visa denials, at last she was prepared to leave. With her bags tidily packed and her passport with her, she was all set to start a new life in a different city she will in no time know as home. Everybody in my family got their chance in kissing her adieu. With tearful eyes, we saw her disappear amid the throng of people. I just imagined, when might I see her once more, now that she had chosen to live so many miles apart from us?

The salary incentive

When migrating to a more economically developed country, a migrant usually enjoys a huge salary disparity compared to what is generally attained from their country of origin. A Filipino nurse as a case in point, usually gets between 6000 pesos monthly, roughly USD160 when engaged in the Philippines contrasted with earning £1400 ($2800) every month while employed in the UK. The greater earning does not only do god to the migrant but including the family, the migrant leaves elsewhere.


Furthermore, a few citizens immigrate to regions with more favorable climate conditions than their home country. This is specifically true of persons who are leaving work and retirees who want to live their last years in a holiday kind of environment. Usually persons coming from regions with harsh climatic conditions and having been fed up of the severe winter weather elect to leave to a warm tropical countries where each day is sunny.

From dating to marriage and immigration

The third reason is mixed race marriage.

Most world countries will have three main visas that might be useful for you and your partner:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Fiancée Visa
  • Spouse Visa

With the rising popularity of net dating and made to order brides, men and women are moving to unite with their newfound love. Finally, as mixed race marriages rise and groups of immigrant workers grow, family reunification becomes important. This brings out a new group of travelers. So that they can be with the relatives they departed from; immigrants will commonly file for applications so that members of their family who still live in their country of origin will at last be with them in their new claimed land.