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A pet is an animal that is kept by humans who wish to gain companionship, enjoyment and entertainment. Each pet provides its owner with a characteristic that appeals to their senses, whether it is the loyalty of a dog or the beauty and song of a parakeet. In theory, any animal could be kept as a pet, but there are a few species of mammals that have been chosen as the most common pet, including dogs, cats and birds. There are a few reptiles and amphibians that make good pets, such as turtles, iguanas and non-venomous snakes.

Pets are obtained by visiting a local pet store, animal shelter or breeder. Sometimes a good pet can be found while browsing the classifieds for people who are selling newborn or unwanted animals.

It is not uncommon to see people treat their pets as members of their family or like a child. This is especially seen when a person does not have any children or if their children have grown up. It is also not uncommon to see pets dressed as people in a variety of customs from dog sweaters to diamond-studded cat collars.


Common Pet Species

There are a variety of animals that have been found as household pets.

Mammals that make good pets include a horse, dog, gerbil, mouse, rat, cat, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, hedgehog, pot-bellied pig and skunk. Birds that make good pets include parakeet, dove, canary, cockatoo, parrot, finch, cockatiel and duck. Reptiles that make good pets are the turtle, lizard, iguana and snake. Amphibians pets include a frog, toad, salamander and newt. Other household pets include a tarantula, scorpion and fish. See: Aquarium

Popular Pet Names

There are many common names that people often choose for their pets. The top 20 most popular names for dogs and cats can be found below:

Dogs: Max, Jake, Buddy, Maggie, Bear, Molly, Bailey, Shadow, Sam, Lady, Sadie, Rocky, Lucky, Lucy, Daisy, Buster, Casey, Cody, Brandy, Duke

Cats: Tigger, Tiger, Max, Smokey, Sam, Kitty, Sassy, Shadow, Simba, Patch, Lucky, Misty, Sammy, Princess, Oreo, Samantha, Charlie, Boots, Oliver, Lucy

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