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Patchouli (scientifically known as Pogostemon Cablin) is a term used to identify a plant and the essential oil that is derived from its leaves. It has a strong scent that can be deemed heavy and offensive by some people. The plant is actually a bush and can reach a height of three feets. Also, patchouli needs a warm temprature, it can easily be damaged if in direct contact with the sun rays. It is very easy to grow and will blossom during late fall.


Patchouli has been a common and appreciated ingredient in perfumes for hundreds of years. Its popularity sky rocketed in the sixties and seventies in a strong connection with the liberal and free love principles of the hippie culture. The first use of the plant was to cover up unpleasant marijuana odors released in the air after smoking a cigarette filled with the drug. Because of being so common and popular, manufacturers started adopting the plant together with its derived oils. Nowadays, one third of modern perfumes contains patchouli. Moreover, more than half of all men fragrances conatin patchouli.

In Eastern countries other uses for the plant has been developed. Several products are pleasantly scented by using patchouli. The commodity in processing it ads another reason as to why it is being used. Simple processes make it possible to harvest a large amount of essential oil from patchouli dried leaves. Compared with other plants it is actually double in quantity or even triple.