Paper cut

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A paper cut is a skin lesion caused by a sheet of paper or other similarly thin sheet of material which cuts the outer layer of the skin. Paper cuts occur because the sheet is so thin that it can exercise a great amount of pressure on a small area. People who work in paper factories or administration are quite vulnerable, because they often work with paper sheets strongly held together.

The paper cuts cause very much pain because they don't bleed too much. Instead, the pain receptors are left exposed to the outside air, continuing to send pain signals to the brain. The paper often contains irritating substances that increases the sensation of pain.


There are a number of non-conventional treatments available for paper cuts. Applying non-toxic, super-strength glue (like Super Glue) on the cut decreases the pain. Actually, even toxic glue is often not dangerous, because the cut is so minor that the glue doesn't reach bloodstream. Vaseline or nail polish, applied after carefully cleaning the skin, has a similar effect and may prove quite helpful. However, nail polish is not recommended, as it slows down healing.