Origin belief

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The term origin belief refers to any explanation regarding the beginning of life, the earth, or the universe. Origin beliefs may be formed using scientific data, metaphysical speculation, or religious influences.

Science-based beliefs

Generally, science deals strictly with observable data. The distant past cannot be observed, and is difficult to repeat in experiments. By extrapolating currently observed data, science seeks to reconstruct a picture of the past.

  • The Big Bang Theory – This is the dominant scientific theory regarding the development of the universe.
  • The Giant Impact Theory – The Giant Impact Theory is the scientific theory for the formation of the moon.
  • The Modern Evolutionary Synthesis combines Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, with Gregor Mendel’s theory of genetics, to explain the origin of life.

Metaphysical/Philosophical beliefs

  • Atomism – Atomism is an ancient Greek philosophy regarding the formation of the universe. It says that events were not the result of a creative act, but of random movement of atoms through space.
  • Anthropic Principle – This principle attempts to explain the existence of humanity, and is used by some to explain certain physical laws. It says that the universe is finely tuned to support life, and that if any of the fundamental constants were sufficiently different, life would never have began.

Religious beliefs

  • Creation beliefs - Many religions have creation stories, some of which account for the existence of the universe, by an act of creation by a supreme being, or a Creator God.