Nirvana (band)

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Nirvana was a popular grunge rock band from Washington State in the early 1990's. Members of the band were Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Their album Nevermind skyrocketed the band's success. The release of the single Smells Like Teen Spirit helped launch the era of grunge music. Cobain was dubbed the 'spokesman of a generation and the band was considered a flagship band for Generation X. The members of the band were uncomfortable with the attention they received and chose to focus on their music. Their 3rd album, 'In Utero didn't resonate with fans as Nevermind did. It wasn't until the band performed for MTV Unplugged that the fans would be happy again. In 1994, Cobain committed suicide and the Nirvana disbanded. In 2002, You Know You're Right, a demo recorded 2 months prior to Cobain's death, was released and Nirvana was again at the top of the charts.

Cobain's death

In 1994, while on a European tour Cobain became disinterested and aloof. While in Germany, he was diagnosed with bronchitis and laryngitis. On March 4th, Cobain's wife Courtney Love found him unconscious. Doctor's said he reacted to a combination of Rohypnol and alcohol. The tour was cancelled. In the weeks following, Cobain picked up his old heroin habit. After an intervention, Cobain was checked into a rehab facility only to climb the wall and escape a week later. He flew back to Seattle. On Friday April 4, 1994, a week after he left rehab, an electrician found Cobain's dead body. He had shot himself in the head.


Since Cobain's death, numerous albums have been release. In 1994, the Band released the MTV Unplugged album. Sales were fueled by Cobain's death. Box sets of the band's music were released in 2004 and 2005. Dave Grohl now performs with the band the Foo Fighters. Novoselic formed the band Sweet 75 after Nirvana dissolved. Currently he is a political rights activist and founded JAMPAC, a political action committee dedicated to preserving the rights of musicians.