News release

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A news release, otherwise known as a press release or press statement is a written announcement directed towards the news media for the purpose of presenting newsworthy information. Press releases are often mailed or faxed to editors of newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, or even media networks.

A news release is different that a news article, in the way that it is not written to the general public. Instead, it is sent to journalists for the purpose of encouraging journalists to write about that particular bit of news. When the journalist receives press releases, they have to pick from all the releases received and decide which news items will be most beneficial for the general public to hear about.

Another purpose of a new release besides presenting newsworthy information is to announce a press conference. Furthermore, commercial newswire services are often used to distribute them. Often news releases are used to help generate positive press about a product, service, organization, or a business. Furthermore, a public relations department uses news releases to attractive favorable media sources to its PR clients.


When news releases generate positive press about a product, service, organization, or business, more people have the tendency to want to support those organizations. Positive publicity results in the increase of revenue generated by for-profit groups, and the increased public awareness of non-profit groups. Both non-profit and profit groups benefit from others known about them in a positive light, because they reach more people and accomplish more of their individual purposes.

Even sometimes negative press can help get the word out because negative press is better than no press at all. However, for the greatest success, news releases that promote groups in a positive light are most effective.