Nazi punk

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Nazi punk is a genre of music given to being believers of nationalism, fascism, racialism, and/or national socialism, and also claim to be a part of the punk subculture.


The history of this faction within the punk genre dates back as early as 1978. It is centered on an organization from England known as the Punk Front. This group was a youth division of the racialist organization, The British National Front. Although the group only lasted for one year, it was successful in recruiting small numbers of English punks. Also, in forming a large number of racist punk bands.

The Nazi Skinhead subculture took dominance as the leaders of the White Power music movement. This followed the demise of the Punk Front in 1979. Soon after, Nazi-punkism began spreading world-wide. In the early 1980s, it hit America in storm, during the rise of the American hardcore punk scene.

Although the numbers of Nazi punks have always been small within their subculture, it should be noted that they have always existed.

Countries to note

Countries with notable amounts of Nazi punks include: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Chile, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Lithuania and the United States.

Nazi punk music

in music, Nazi Punk is very similar to most forms of punk music. Lyrically, their songs reflect hatred for the present governments world-wide as well as for minority groups such as: Jews, Blacks, Mestizos and Homosexuals. Nazi punk bands have been found in several genres of Punk, including Oi! Punk, Gutter Punk, Streetpunk, and Hardcore Punk.

White Power Skinheads have also been known to play music that is similar to mainstream punk in style.they don't claim to be part of the punk subculture and therefore are not considered Nazi punks. Their music is part of a separate subgenre called, Rock Against Communism.