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The Musician is a person that is involved in composing or playing music. Musicians can be categorized by the role they play in connection with music:

  • Conductors – people that coordinate musical ensembles
  • Singers – also known as vocalists, they are musicians that use their voice as an instrument
  • Instrumentalists – people that play musical instruments
  • Songwriters and composers – musicians that write music.

Other categorizations

A musician can be involved in more fields of activity, not just in the one that gives him the title of musician. For instance, one may as well be a dancer or choreographer. The concept is relative because of the personal perception of the individual. Musicians can also be divided in professionals and amateurs. Professionals can be freelancers or can work under a contract. Musician employers can be found in label companies, music studios or special institutions that need the services of such an individual. Amateurs are either not employed or only occasionally act as musicians. A debated topic around musicians circles around songs created by animals. There is no denying in the fact that many of them communicate through special musical variations that can be considered songs. Some composers have been influenced by animal created music and included some elements from the sounds they create in their tracks.