Music-video director

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The music video director is a film director that specializes in the production of musical videos. Nowadays album singles need a video for promotion tools. They are aired on specialized television channels (i.e.: MTV, VH1) or, on a smaller scale, can be viewed in any channel. This is based on the production team. The music video director is the person that directs the musical video.

The production

A music video director has a crew behind him similar to that of a film production. He oversees the production and ads his personal view to the ending product. In terms of skills needed and types of directing, the music video director is very similar to the film or theatre director. The only difference appears in the length of the footage. The music video will be as long as the song is and is more compact. In most cases there will be a story behind it but will not need a playwright. It all starts from an idea that is in connection with the message of the song and the music video is filmed to reflect and send viewers that message. A film will take months to finish. Add the time needed for technical details to be sorted out and the ending result can be after even longer periods. A music video is usually finished filming in some days and can lead to some months to finish as a whole.