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A young woman in search of the perfect mate finds one. He’s very rich, and from a powerful family. But when he introduces her to his mother, sparks begin to fly. His mother doesn’t approve of his choice and she’ll do whatever is necessary to block the wedding. And that includes confrontation with his fiance.


A woman, Charlie Cantilini(Jennifer Lopez)a dog-walker for the very rich is desperate for a good man in her life. She meets an eligible surgeon, Kevin Fields(Michael Vartan)and believes she’s found the ideal catch.

Things are moving along well in the relationship until he decides to introduce her to his mother, Viola(Jane Fonda). Viola has an immediate contempt for her. There is fiery opposition to the marriage. Charlie is not from the right family, the right class, the right people.

Viola has her own issues. Recently, she’s been fired from her TV anchor job. She doesn’t have much left in her life, but her son. With the help of her assistant, Ruby(Wanda Sykes), Viola attempts every trick in the book to block the wedding. This scorned mother is the worst kind of scorned woman.


Viola becomes a future mother-in-law from hell. She does just about everything to intimidate Charlie, with Ruby operating behind the scenes. Charlie is a worthy opponent, though. She’s up to the challenge and meets every one of Viola’s ploys with a sharp counter-measure of her own. When the going got tough, these two got even tougher.