Mobile programming

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Mobile programming is a discipline which focuses on coming up with application programming interfaces (APIs) used by the mobile handset user. Mobile phones are programmed for a number of functionalities that include gaming and Internet browsing.

Mobile programmers are known to work while keeping in mind the constraints that are faced during mobile development, such as a reduced screen size, limited memory, small processing power, limited storage space and low input capabilities.


Platforms/OS related to mobile programming

Java ME (Micro Edition)

This is a popular collection of Java APIs used for the development of embedded software for devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones and other versatile embedded devices. Java ME is also the most sought after option for developing gaming applications for phones. It is easy to emulate the game on a desktop terminal while the development stage is in progress. After the development and testing phases have been accomplished, the gaming applications can be easily uploaded to a phone.

The source code of Java 2 Micro Edition has been released in significant portions by Sun Microsystems and is licensed under the Free and Open Source license of the GPL. It bears the project name phone ME.

Palm OS

This is a compact operating system developed and licensed by PalmSource, Inc and is meant to be used for personal digital assistants. It has been programmed to be user friendly and resembles the Microsoft Windows operating system. Several basic functions like clock, notepad, memo and anti-virus software have been incorporated in the Palm OS.

Windows Mobile

This is another compact operating system which is used on PocketPCs, Smartphones and Portable Media Centres. This operating system, developed by Microsoft Corporation, is proprietary software and belongs to the Windows CE family.

Symbian OS

This operating system, designed primarily for mobile devices runs exclusively on ARM processors. Platforms based on the Symbian OS for a software development kit (SDK) for application developers that aim for a Symbian-related product. Associated with this operating system are a number of compilers that support development using visual basic, VB.NET and C#.