Mary Ingalls

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Mary Amelia Ingalls was the oldest sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House on the Prarie book series. She was born to Caroline and Charles Ingalls on January 10, 1865 in Pepin, Wisconsin.

After a bout of Scarlet Fever as a teenager, Mary became permanently blind. For eight years, beginning in 1881, she attended the Iowa School for the Blind. It was located in Vinton, Iowa. After finishing school, she returned to South Dakota to live among her family. As an adult, she lived with her parents until the time of their deaths. She then lived with her younger sisters Carrie and Grace until she died in October 1928 from pneumonia.

When the books were made into a television series, Mary was portrayed by Melissa Sue Anderson, Barbara Jane Reams played the character in a 1997 movie and in 2005, Danielle Chuchran played Mary.