Magnum PI

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Magnum P.I is the all action drama series starring Tom Selleck as the slick sharp shooting private detective Thomas Sullivan Magnum. The former Navy Seal Thomas Magnum, becomes a private investigator for reclusive professional writer Robin Masters, from the idyllic surrounding of his palatial Hawaiian home.

The Mystery of Magnum

The face of Masters is never revealed adding mystery to his true identity. But the mysterious writer hires magnum in a bid to exchange his knowledge of security for a life in his Hawaiian beachside house. Within the expansive estate are a few of the other primary characters of the series. The English estate manager Jonathan Quayle Higgins III (played by John Hillerman) who is a former member of the British military intelligence is also joined by Apollo and Zeus, the trusted Doberman guard dogs. The character of John Quayle Higgins III becomes rather more complicated as the series progressed. Stronger hints appeared that he and Masters might be the same person, until finally in the last episode he admits to Magnum that himself and Masters were one of the same. But in a twist typical for the show at the episodes conclusion John Quayle Higgins confesses rather ambiguously, that he lied about Masters, never specifying what in fact he had lied about. This in turn added no more solidity to the question of whether Higgins was in fact the reclusive writer or not.

Magnum’s Lifestyle

Magnum P.I lives a playboy lifestyle full of testosterone laden thrills and spills. Solving mysteries and crimes driving a Ferrari 308 GTS, becoming entangled with numerous beautiful women and all in the gorgeous setting of Hawaii, Magnum shows a glamorous side to the world of private investigation. If this was not sufficient enough material to have men from around the world green with envy, Magnum does all this with his two best friends Theodore Calvin or ‘T.C’ (Played by Richard E Mosley) and Orville Richard Wright better known as Rick (Larry Manetti), whilst also having a mysteriously well stocked beer fridge.

Raising Issues

T.C, Rick and Magnum are all veterans of the Vietnam conflict, where they were in the same VM02 unit. The show used the characters background to highlight the plight of returning war veterans, often using the shows popularity to give support and sympathy to those men who were or been forced to readjust to their normal life. Although it was primarily a brash drama/comedy, Magnum P.I won many plaudits for its support for the returning veterans and the understanding it showed towards them. n total 162 episodes of Magnum P.I were recorded, shot between it’s premiere in 1980 and the final show in 1988.