Learning to persuade your parents to allow you to dye your hair

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To Persuade Your Parents to Allow You to Dye Your Hair may be a more difficult job than initially imagined because parents may belong to an age when such things were not only considered taboo but also remained confined to movie stars and to people who belonged to the ‘fast set’. That dyeing has become very common and all your friends are doing it is an argument that does not cut ice with most parents and you need some serious help if you want that funky look.

Helpful hints

  1. First you yourself need to be sure of the reasons of wanting to dye your hair before convincing your parents to allow you to do so.
  2. You need to tell them that it is only a dye and that it will wash off after a while.
  3. You may also tell them that they would get used to your look after a while.
  4. If they are still hesitant, meet them halfway by telling them that in case they do not like it you will dye your hair back to its original color.
  5. Explain to them why coloring your hair is so important to you, how it will make you look and feel instead of just arguing your case by saying that you want it because everybody else is doing it.


  • Begin with a look that is just a little different, maybe highlights or a brown/ burgundy if you have black hair or vice-versa.
  • Ask your parents if they will allow you to get a tattoo instead.
  • Explain to your parents that the dye will eventually wash out after a few months.
  • Meet them halfway by letting them choose the color.
  • Pay for the dye yourself out of your own allowance, which might convince your parents about your determination.


  • Don’t start off by wanting to color your hair some vitriolic green or a virulent orange – you yourself may not be happy with the end result.
  • Read the instructions carefully before attempting anything or get it done by a professional (if you can afford it)
  • Don’t skimp and buy a cheap product or you might just end up with no hair.