Kingdom of Heaven (film)

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In twelfth century France, a lonely, disgruntled blacksmith is taken under the wing of and solicited by a great knight to journey to the Middle East during the time between the first and Second Crusades. He is trained and inspired to lead in the defense of the Holy City of Jerusalem.


In the city of Ibelin, France, during the twelfth century, a blacksmith, Balian(Orlando Bloom)is in despair over the loss of his family, He has no sense of purpose and little faith when he meets a great knight, Godfrey of Ibelin(Liam Neeson) is seeking soldiers to take up the “holy cause” in the Middle He convinces Balian that he is Balian’s father and enlists his support in the fight. Motivated with a sense of purpose, Balian accepts the offer and travels with him back to the Holy Land, to Jerusalem. Balian becomes a great leader. And finds a new love in his life.

The city is teeming with grandeur and drama. There are noble dreams about defending the city from the muslim onslaught of the ruthless leader, Saladin. There is a truce between the christian monarch, Baldwin IV(Edward Norton)with his assistant, Tiberias(Jeremy Irons) with Saladin. But the truce is unraveling and everyone has an agenda of their own. Greed and selfishness are rampant. The holy peace,The Kingdom of Heaven is quickly dissolving. Saladin wants Jerusalem for his own.


Godfrey the knight passes the legacy of defending the city to Balian. Balian swears to uphold the mission and honor his duty as a knight and protect and help the weak in the ensuing battle for the defense of Jerusalem. Balian leads the battle against the monstrous assault by Saladin.

Production facts

1. The project was filmed in Morocco and in Spain in the cities of Segovia, Seville, Avila and Palma del Rio.

2. The Moroccan government utilized hundreds of soldiers to protect all of the production personnel.

3. The calvary of the Moroccan Army was used for certain battles.