Junk food

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Junk food is food that is typically classified as unhealthy or considered to have a low nutritional value. It is popular among people in developed nations because its cost to manufacture is low, it's easy to eat and it has a lot of flavor.

Examples of junk food

Some foods that are typically thought of as junk food include hamburgers, fried food, soda, candy and many salty snack foods like potato chips.


Government and many nonprofit health organizations suggest that those who consume a diet made up mainly of junk food are unlikely to have a balanced diet.

Many times, fast food industries are grouped into the junk food market, popularized by the likes of the movie (and book) “Supersize Me,” which chronicled one man's health problems after eating only a diet of fast food for a specific time period.

It is considered extremely harmful to human health, especially when young children are concerned. It is a leading cause of obesity, cavities and other dental problems, a rise in diabetes and heart disease, mostly because of its high fat content and certain toxic chemicals that it contains.

Typically junk food offers very few nutrients, vitamins and minerals and the consumption of junk food also leads to the decrease in consumption of food that is good for someone. Children will typically switch from milk to soft drinks, often leading to a calcium deficit and softening of bones.


Junk food contains many food additives that are used to enhance its flavor. These additives also adjust its color and texture and are used to enhance the lifespan of the food product. Much of the flavor comes from the fact that junk food is very high in fat, sugar and sodium content (giving it a rich flavor).

Junk food is generally thought of as empty calories since it offers very little real nutritional benefit.