Joe DiMaggio

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Born in California on November 25, 1914, Joe DiMaggio was an amazing player whose career spanned only 15 years. In that time, he amassed many awards, set records and joined the military and married. His first break into baseball came in 1932 when his brother, who played for the San Francisco Seals, convinced his coach into letting Joe fill in the last three games of the season for the shortstop. Even though he couldn't play the position, he garnered attention for his awesome hitting ability.

Military career

In 1943, Joe DiMaggio joined the U.S. Army Air Forces. He felt it was his duty to protect his country and fight against the evils of WWII. Ironically, Joe never saw any action. Because of his popularity, he was stationed stateside as an instructor of physical education. The thinking behind it was that, if DiMaggio were killed in action morale in the military would decline.


Joe DiMaggio died of complications rising from lung cancer in early 1999. Surgery in October of 1998 did not go as well as planned and Joe fell into a coma on December 11th that lasted for eighteen hours. Because of this, Joe was forced to come clean about the illness he had hidden for so long, even from his family. Joseph Paul DiMaggio was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in California.


DiMaggio retired with 361 career home runs (5th all-time), a .579 slugging average (6th all-time) and had a record 56-game hitting streak that lasted from May 15, 1941 through July 16, 1941. In 1933, DiMaggio, a then unknown, had an awesome 61-game hitting streak that lasted from May 28-July 25, 1933 when he played minor league ball for the San Francisco Seals. In addition, Joe DiMaggio ended his career with a .325 lifetime batting average, an average of 118 RBI's per season. All this and he only struck out a total of 369 times total throughout his career.