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'Jews' are an ethno-religious group related to the ancient Israelites and converts who joined their religion at various times and places. Converts to Judaism are also Jews. Jews may be religious, or may consider themselves cultural Jews.

Understanding the term 'Jew'

Jewish people lived in Israel for more than 300 0 years. In this time period, the Jews enjoyed the development and worship of their monotheistic religion and self-rule. This made the Jews an unusual people, since many of their neighboring countries worshipped many gods. Eventually the Jewish nation was spread throughout the world, due to other nation attacks. Many Jews were removed from Israel by the Romans in 135 AD. Jews since then have had the experiences of discrimination, oppression, and extermination, as well as prosperity. The Jewish religion was the binding factor for the Jewish culture. One does not have to practice Judaism to be Jewish, however. Since the 19th century Jews have participated in the culture of the country where they live, and have found a way to be Jewish as well. Therefore, Jews are those actively practicing Judaism, as well as those who are Jews because of their family's Jewish heritage. There are actually three types of people who may identify Jews. The first type of Jew is a person whose ancestors are from Israel and who practice Judaism. The second type o Jew is a person who has converted to the Jewish religion. The final type of Jew is a person who is of Jewish descent, but does not practice Judaism

Some people use the word 'Jew' as a term of disrespect. 'Jew Lawyer' is a term considered being anti-Semitic, as is the term 'Jew', meaning to bargain for a lower price. These terms are inappropriate and considered offensive to Jews and non-Jews alike.