Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston is a California native – born in Sherman Oaks on February 11, 1969. However, much of her formative years were spent in New York due to her father, John Aniston’s various soap opera roles. Aniston and her family ultimately returned to California in 1985 when John landed a role on daytime soap, Days of Our Lives.

A favorite “Friend”

Jennifer is probably best known for her role as Rachel Green on NBC’s smash hit sitcom, Friends. Ironically, she was originally slated to be cast in the role of Monica Geller, but felt Rachel was a better fit for her personality. She couldn’t have been more correct. Aniston’s 10-year stint as Rachel Green not only gained her tremendous popularity in the mass audience, but with the critics as well. She received numerous awards over the years for her contribution to the series including the 2003 Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series and the People’s Choice award for Favorite Female Television Performer in consecutive years (2001-2004).

Personal life

In the midst of her success on Friends, Aniston found love with film actor, Brad Pitt. The couple was married in July of 2000. Theirs was a very highly publicized relationship and a favorite for the tabloids. However a long-lasting future was not to be, as this couple separated in January of 2005 and ultimately divorced in October of 2005. Aniston is currently dating actor, Vince Vaughn.

What’s to come

Aniston has graced television and movie screens in many roles since 1990 prior to her 10-year journey on Friends. She has continued to remain in the public eye since Friends wrapped up its final season in 2004. Some of her film credits include the 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty where she co-starred with funnyman Jim Carey and most currently in 2005, psychological thriller, Derailed. Just recently released is the 2005 Graduate-inspired Rob Reiner comedy, Rumor Has It. Aniston will be quite busy in 2006 as she has 6 movies currently in post-production, two of which she is producing.