Jay McCarroll

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Jay McCarrol is a fashion designer who worked in the porn industry and owned a vintage clothing store. In 2004, he was a contestant on the reality fashion show called Project Runway.

His early life

Jay was born in Lehman, Pennsylvania and he likes to wear hats. Jay’s first taste of fashion design came when he designed a flag for his sister’s dance team. His mother taught him to sew. McCarrol also love to twirl a baton which he has known how to do from a very early age. He also loves to travel to England.

Fashion career

Jay McCarrol claims that Alexander McQueen is his favorite designer. He graduated from college in 1995; he was trying to make it as a fashion designer when Project Runway crossed his path. Jay was the winner of Project Runway’s first season. As the winner, Jay received $100,000 and a mentorship with the Banana Republic design team. But, he didn’t take the money after he won Project Runway. The reason for this is not known. He claimed that he needed the money but he decided to go down other possible fruitful avenues. He also got interviewed by different television shows and other media outlets.


Jay has moved to New York and rented a studio for his work space. He is still working with Banana Republic in order to boast his fashion collection. Jay has help judge a challenge on Project Runway that was called Inspiration. He also has designed a dress for Heidi Klum.