J.C. Penney

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J.C. Penny was the named after the founder of the group, James Cash Penny in the year 1902 at Kemmerer, Wyoming. Being a firm believer in Christianity, he previously name the company the “Golden Rule Store” (after the golden rules of the Bible), but retained the name in 1912.


JC Penny is widely recognized in the field of direct marketing and of lately e-commerce, having more than a thousand departmental stores located all over the US. With revenue exceeding 20 billion dollars, and 147,000 employees, it a major player in chain stores segment in the US. The headquarters is situated at Dallas, Texas. Some of the major competitors are leading names like Wal-Mart, Sears, Macys and Target.

Wide range

There is an exhaustive range of products that can be purchased from the chain of stores and also online on the internet from their webpage. The company also offers a collection of catalogues of merchandise to choose from. J.C. Penny maintains a consistent premium quality and sells products like, shoes jewelry, apparels, home furnishings toys and electronic consumer items, for the entire family and household promoting their own brand name as well.

Environmental impact

Social commitments and environmental awareness has been one of the principal thrust of JC Penny. Their policy of converting post sales waste into catalogues as soon as possible is worthy of notice and regards. Its catalogue paper isn’t to be made from old growth forests.