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Isaiah was a prophet of the Lord God of Israel and author of the book of Isaiah in the Holy Bible. Isaiah, whose name means “Salvation of the Lord,” was the son of Amoz. He was later married to a prophetess (although it was not known if she was referred to as a prophetess because she was married to a prophet or if she was a prophet, herself) and had 2 sons: Shear-Jashub and Mahershalal-hash-baz. Isaiah is believed to be the cousin of Uzziah and so from a family of royal lineage. His prophetic focus was directed on Judah and Jerusalem. It was believed that he worked as a prophet of God for over 64 years.

Martyr to faith

Isaiah was known for his spirituality, faithfulness and reverence to God. This faithfulness and reverence to God was demonstrated early on in Isaiah’s work as a prophet. Ahaz, king of Judah, had made an alliance with the Assyrians against God’s people – Israel. Once Hezekiah took the throne of Judah, Isaiah encouraged him to stand against the king of Assyria, for this king of Assyria was mocking God. Isaiah brought God’s message to Hezekiah, assuring him that God would take care of the Assyrian army and its king. With God’s help, the Assyrian army was eradicated, as was its king. Isaiah remained a prophet in God’s service until his death under Manasseh, Hezekiah’s evil son. It is believed that Isaiah was martyred by being sawn in two with a wooden saw.

God's messenger

Isaiah communicated God’s love to His people, Israel. God, through Isaiah, delivered messages of hope, love, and commandments to reverence and obedience. Through Isaiah, God communicated His desire for an intimate relationship with Israel. It was also through Isaiah, that God communicated specific details of the coming Messiah and the coming of God’s kingdom.