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The intranet is different from the Internet in the fact that it is a private network that uses Internet Protocols (IP), connectivity inside that network and sometimes a secure system used to share only a part of it inside a company, business or any local network. In some cases the term will also be used to define an internal website that is not available on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Intranet and Internet

There are many similarities and differences between the Internet and the intranet. They both use the same technology regarding clients, servers and IP. One may find email, HTTP, and FTP as well in an intranet. Although the link between the two is obvious it does not need to be linked. An intranet can exist without Internet connection available. If connection to the WWW is available, the local network will usually be protected by a firewall and the process of connecting to the Internet will be done through a Gateway. In most cases the intranet is used by companies to make it easier for employees to share information. Tools and applications can also be shared and the possibility of network support is also useful in many occasions.


There are three main advantages when talking about using intranet:

  1. Communication – Intranets provide users with a fast and reliable way to communicate with every needed person in the network
  2. Time – Using the Intranet saves time because of the fast information gathering and communication possibility
  3. Productivity – A company that is taking advantage of the Intranet increases its workforce productivity. A database can easily be created and accessed. It saves time and eventually money, making it possible for employees to work faster and better.