In Her Shoes

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Although they are very unlike each other, two sisters both love shoes. One loves having lots of men, while the other is a very sober, conservative professional. After one is forced out of her stepmother’s house, she moves in with the other sister, before an argument prompts her to move, again.


When Maggie(Cameron Diaz)goes to live with her sister, Rose(Toni Collette)the union is explosive, sparks fly and she moves out. She has just moved, after being forced out of her stepmother’s house.

Her and her sister are polar opposites. Maggie is feisty and outspoken, while Rose is more easygoing professional, who plays it straight. They don’t have anything in common, except their love for shoes.


Maggie leaves for Miami. There, she tracks down her grandmother, Ella(Shirley Maclaine). She needs cash and a place to stay, so she and Ella get familiar. Rose learns some about things she never knew about her family.

Meanwhile, Rose loosens up and branches out. She leaves her legal practice and starts to enjoy life, takes in interest in men and becomes engaged.

In time, Maggie develops a sense of responsibility and focuses on her maturity issues.

Rose finds peace and inner joy in life. She softens her harsh, inflexible way of life.

Eventually, Ella brings them together. They’ve become respectful and tolerant of each other’s differences. According to Ella, they are as different as their father and Ella.