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An easygoing black pimp is just getting by financially, but wants more out of life. His passion is to become a rap star, but he’s approaching middle age. With his stable of loyal girls, he pursues his dream and with help from others, he develops his art. But there’s a cost.


Somewhere in Tennessee, a pimp named DJ(Terrence Dashon Howard) has three girls available for pleasure. He’s not a prince of the street with big cars, fancy clothes or lots of cash, though. DJ is doing the best he can.

He neither abuses nor rips off his girls. DJ is a pimp with a heart of gold. And except for one of the girls, Lexus(Paula Jai Parker)they are a loyal to him.

His burning desire is to become a rap icon. His other girls... the pregnant, Shug(Tariji Henson)and Nola(Taryn Manning)are in total support. In fact, Shug is also carrying a torch for him. He’s having a mid-life crisis and he wants his dream so bad, he can taste it.


With the help of a local producer, Key(Anthony Anderson)and a white guy, Shelby(DJ Qualls) they turn his house into a recording studio. DJ gets the girls to sing back-up. They work hard and put the rap sound together. The music gushes, his flow is great.

DJ needs somebody in the industry to push the music for him Enter a famous rap star, Skinny Black(Ludacris). At a bar DJ talks to Skinny and tells him how important it is for him to get his music out. He bares his soul. But a critical incident that night throws his plans out the window. It will be a dream deferred.

Production facts

1. Oscar--Best Song

2. Oscar nomination--Best Actor--Terrence Dashon Howard

3. Golden Globe Award nomination--Best Actor--Terrence Dashon Howard

4. Sundance Film Festival--Best Dramatic Film