Humor benefits

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Did you realize that the sound of somebody laughing is more contagious than that of a cough?

Research proves to us that there are many advantages of laughing. Laughing stimulates the chemistry of the will to live and it will amplify your capacity to resist disease. Letting go of a good laugh will unwind your body and minimize issues associated with high blood pressure. It can certainly help with problems associated with ulcers, strokes, and arthritis. There even has been investigations showing that it may also decrease the risk of heart disease.


Humor and Blood pressure

It makes sense because feelings that are distressful, such as depression, anger, anxiety and stress, are related to heart disease. You will be hard-pressed to be mad or anxious if you are partaking in a really good laugh.

The University Of Maryland Medical Center did a review that showed that holding a good sense of humor in stressful times could help the impairing physical effects that come along with distressing emotions. Here are a couple things that having a good hearty laugh will do for you: it will lower your stress; boost your frame of mind and your immune system. It will help keep low your blood pressure, strengthen your brain function, help you relax and make you feel good and it can protect your heart.

People who laugh regularly have lower blood pressure than the common person. When you start to laugh your blood pressure will incipiently go up then become lower than the average level, your breathing pattern will then be deeper and that forwards oxygenated blood throughout your body. Laughing will reduce your stress hormone and will boost antibodies to fight infections.

Humor and heart attack

Having a sense of humor sometimes will help protect you against the dangers of a heart attack. Experiments show that laughing often will help stave off heart disease and also established that the ones that already had heart disease would be 40% less likely to laugh compared to other patients about the same age that were not found to have heart disease.

Humor and calories

Ever laugh so hard your belly hurt? That's due to the fact that we get a reasonably good workout when we laugh. It works out your respiratory muscles, leg and back muscles, and the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. Laughing heartily will boost your intestinal functioning and will have the muscles that keep the abdominal organs grounded be made stronger. You can take off about the same total of calories laughing as you can on an exercise bike.

Humor and stress

Doctors have brought forth the idea that having a sense of humor teaches perspective by helping people look at the reality of a situation instead of to twist it to support their distress. Humor can alter the way we think and distress can shift the way we think. It is really not necessarily the situation that brings out stress; it is the bearing we put behind the situation. Humorousness can adjust the meaning of the situation so it isn't so overbearing.

Humor and mood

Try these couple of ideas to help upgrade your mood and gain a sense of humor on life. Try laughing at events rather than be disturbed by them. It will elevate your disposition. Try laughing to help clear out any pent up anger or frustration by thinking of a humorous event to put it in place of the anxiety-producing situation.