How to write in a money order

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Basic Facts

  1. The first step, you need to know the precise price of the money order.
  2. Second, be ready to pay between $.69 to $4.00 for extra, the amount depends on where you will be purchasing the money order. The most expensive place you can purchase a money order is the post office, while the cheapest is the convenience store in your neighborhood. #Third, the money order will come with a detachable stub, it will be yellow in color. It is important that you keep the stub for your records. The stub will have the same amount of money printed on it as the face of the money order.
  3. Fourth, on the money order, where it says "pay to the order of" write the name of the company or person, that the money order is going to. If you fail to fill out this part of the money order, anyone can put their name on it and cash it, and we do not want that.
  4. Fifth, on the money order, where it says "sender" write your name. It is important, if you are paying a bill, to put your account number on the money order as well, since you want to make sure that the company knows it is you paying the bill and not someone else with your name. Write the account number on the back of the money order.
  5. Lastly, make sure to write your address underneath the account number, this will go toward helping your money order get credited to your account.


The stub is just as important as the money order itself. Why? The stub is the document that proves that on May 20th 2006 you purchase a money order and sent it off to such and such. However, the stub is also your safety net if the money order were to get lost. For example, if you sent a money order to pay off a bill, and the company says, they never received it you will have the stub as proof. The stub has numbers on it, you can take it to where you purchase the money order from and they will track it, to see whether or not someone cashed it or not.


Do not keep a blank money order laying around. The money order is like money, and if you should lose it or it is stolen from you then you will be out of luck. So, fill the money order out right away and put it away if you are going to mail it off later.