How to walk away from an argument

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To walk away from an argument is the only reasonable alternative you can take if the situation shows signs of escalating out of control. Discussions are great because they usually end with everyone involved feeling that their contribution to it was important and their view was finally accepted. Arguments, on the other hand, are very rarely good and end up as shouting matches where both parties are involved in screaming each other down and where ‘opponents’ are only interested in winning. If you ever feel that your discussion is veering towards becoming an argument, follow these pointers to it back on track.

A few suggestions

  1. Don’t back out of a disagreement for fear that it will blow into an argument. Stay to listen to the other person’s point of view. May be it is a facet of the view that you had not thought of before.
  2. Be patient and listen. Before you attack the other person’s opinion, take a breather and attend to what they have to say. Avoid defending your view or debating about it.
  3. In the whole discussion there may be certain areas where both your views converge. Look for such areas and use them as the base to build your discussion upon.
  4. If you are afraid that the discussion might end in a stalemate suggest another meeting. For the next meeting take care that you are well prepared with facts and figures to defend your view, if need be. Also go with an open mind and focus on a mutually beneficial result.
  5. Promise the other person to consider their point of view. You never know, theirs might be the right view after all.


  • Be honest, don’t cook up facts to support your opinion, you are bound to be found out sooner or later and then there will be hell to pay.
  • Also be willing to accept that your opinion is different from another person’s and get on with the discussion.


  • Don’t lose your temper. If you get angry it will break down all the goodwill that you have built up and make communication harder.