How to thoroughly enjoy the experience of cooking

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To thoroughly enjoy the experience of cooking you have to allow yourself to become completely immersed in the whole happening. Cooking is a wonderful hobby to cultivate, not only does it give you an extra skill; it is also a great way to unwind and relax. It is an art that grows on you slowly but surely and enslaves you. People often say that they love eating but hate cooking, in fact if you let yourself go you will not find cooking a tedious process but something that you enjoy doing. You can experiment in the kitchen and come up with bizarre recipes. Most of these experiments will end up in the trash but it is those that taste divine that make all the effort worth while.

A few suggestions

  1. Try and shop for the raw ingredients yourself. It is extremely enjoyable and it also gives you ideas for new recipes.
  2. Collect all the ingredients required for cooking around you before you start cooking. Read the recipe a few times before to check if some ingredients require soaking or thawing which takes extra time.
  3. Try and not mix regions, if you are cooking Mexican, make the whole meal Mexican or Indian or Chinese. Dress the tables accordingly also, get the chop sticks out or use banana leaves (if you can find them) for a Chinese or an Indian meal, respectively.
  4. Put on soft music, drink some wine while cooking and enjoy the whole experience, let it wash over you and relax you.


  • Try and stick to the exact recipe when trying it out for the first time.
  • Be patient. Becoming a skilled cook takes both time and practice. Losing your patience will only spoil the food and your appetite.


  • Don’t try an experiment when you invite people over for a meal or a party. Perfect it during the time when only your family and you are there.
  • Don’t eat the food if it is spoilt beyond repair. Eating burnt food can be very harmful.