How to teach obedience to your child

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To teach obedience to your child and helping it to behave in an acceptable manner is a necessary part of raising the child well. Then again, children require to be disciplined differently at different ages and there is no one correct way of raising them. A child is not born disobedient; it only resorts to it as the easiest way out of situations or as a means of attracting attention. It is up to the parents to teach the child how to behave and listen to them. Remember it is always more difficult to teach manners and discipline to a spoilt child than to teach good behavior techniques to a toddler. Here are some helpful pointers.

A few suggestions

  1. Children usually want to please their parents. So make use of this characteristic and show happiness and pleasure when a child behaves well. This will reinforce good behavior in the future. Showing displeasure at wrong behavior works better when the child is older.
  2. Parents should follow the middle path – neither too lenient, nor to strict. The former does not help in disciplining children while the latter makes the children wonder if they are loved at all.
  3. House rules are different for different homes. Children should be made aware that they need to follow their house rules and not compare them with others.
  4. It is easier to teach correct behavior in the first place than to break a bad habit. The parent would be better employed in putting expensive things out of reach of a toddler than punishing an older child for breaking it.
  5. To help children change their unwanted behavior will ultimately help them to gain the self-control needed to become responsible and considerate of others.


  • As toddlers, the children learn by repeating instructions and directions. So teach them the norms of good behavior right from the start, over and over again.
  • Parents must teach by setting good examples. We must show in our own behavior the kind of behavior we expect from our children.


  • Don’t lose tolerance because disciplining a child is requires immense patience.