How to strike gold even though you are a child

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To strike gold even though you are a child requires ingenuity and imagination and a desperation to earn some money. There may be a multitude of reasons why you need to make some quick money. You may need something desperately (like an MP3 player or an iPod Nano) and your allowance may not cover it or you want to give a present to your Mom for Mother’s Day that overshoots the margin by several zillions. Well, do nor despair. Help is on the way; just follow one of the tips listed below and you will soon be rolling in it.

A few tips

  1. Collect all small coins that you find in the house. You will be surprised at the amount that you find just lying about. Take it to the bank or a grocery store and exchange it for paper money.
  2. Don’t throw bottles and beer or soft drink cans in the garbage. Instead take them to a grocery store and collect some cash in exchange for feeding them into a machine.
  3. Help to clean a neighbor’s car when it is snowed under or even their driveway of snow. It is generally a very tedious and boring job and they sure will appreciate your help and will willingly pay you.
  4. Charge money every time an adult swears in your presence. Let them give you a certain percentage of money that they have in their pocket or handbag and you will be surprised at the way most adults pay up happily.
  5. Hope for a loose tooth and announce loudly to everyone in the house that you are expecting the tooth fairy to visit you soon.


  • Do well at school and demand a hike in allowance when the grades come in. You could alternatively price each ‘A’ you get and hope for the best.
  • Put up lemonade stall in your neighborhood (this works best if you are below 12) and you soon will be reeling it in.


  • Don’t think of pinching money from your Father’s pocket book (it was only five dollars), you couldn’t think of a worst way to get extra cash.
  • Don’t sell household stuff, however small or insignificant the item might be.