How to stop a two year old from biting

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To Stop a Two Year Old from Biting people becomes the full time of a mother who may not know how to deal with it. Toddlers may bite when they feel threatened around strangers or when they are frustrated or even to find out more about something. It is when they start biting people that the trouble begins. There are some suggestions that may be of help.

A few thumb rules

  1. Biting is normal for children between the ages of one and three and the mothers should not begin to think that they have given birth to little piranhas. It is just that some children bite more than others and need to be watched till they grow out of this deadly habit.
  2. Since the baby does not know the havoc it causes, it may also bite to show affection or to make its needs and desires known.
  3. Biting can also be a sign of boredom, fatigue, anger, or hunger, or simply a teething problem. Then again and as with many other negative forms of behavior it can also be a way of attracting attention.
  4. A toddler who is teething will bite to rid himself of the irritation that teething brings on. Giving it a carrot or a teething ring might help and stop it from biting things that it shouldn’t.
  5. Another way to deal with the problem is to tell your toddler off as soon as he/ she bites and then stop paying him/her any attention. This will need to be repeated many times over many days before it has the desired effect.


  • Keep at it. The toddler will in time learn that you mean business and let off.
  • Look for patterns; maybe the toddler is biting because he/she is hungry, or sleepy. Keeping the toddler busy and distracting him/her with other things works wonders in most cases.
  • Talk to your toddler and give him/her lots of hugs and kisses, make him/her feel secure and wanted.


  • Don’t bite the kid back; it does not solve the problem and gives the child very confusing messages.
  • Don’t lose patience and don’t also bite the child in play even though it seems alright to do so.