How to stay true to your-self

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To Stay True to Your-Self is not always an easy job, especially if you are not happy with what or who you are. Many times when we are with other people we act and behave in a manner that is different from the way we act and behave when we are alone or with our close family. To be yourself and be natural is a sure sign of a self confident person. Here are some ways to stay true to yourself.

A few suggestions

  1. Don’t change your physical appearance to an extent that you do not recognize yourself. Small changes like some new clothes or a different hair are fine but too much change will make you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Know you values and stay true to them, it is a great way of not losing sight of your true self.
  3. Respect your self. You are a great person just the way you are, you should have the confidence to influence others, not get influenced by them. This can only happen if you accept yourself completely and are comfortable with what you are.
  4. Think about your goals and act accordingly, do not be influenced by other people’s goals or by goals that seem attractive.


  • Listen to your heart when in doubt, your instincts generally guide you right, your instinct and your heart together should show you the right path.


  • Don’t buckle under peer pressure. You do not need to have a tattoo or orange hair to belong, in fact you do not belong to a group that has tattoo and orange hair if you do not like them yourself.
  • Don’t try to copy someone you admire, their taste in clothes, music may not be what you like, so what.