How to shake off an ardent fan

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To shake off an ardent fan can become a very irritating business and sometimes even a little dangerous one depending upon how you handle the situation and how deep are the admirer’s feelings. There are many ways to let them know that you are not interested without really hurting their feelings. If you are troubled by one such fan then do give the following list a glance.

A few suggestions

  1. You must try to be upfront and tell them that you are not interested in them and that it would be a waste of time to pursue you. Give them a reason that they can believe like you are in love with somebody else or that since you guys have nothing in common it would never work out.
  2. If a really old friend springs this on you then the situation needs to be handled differently. Telling them that there could never be anything more than friendship between the two of you usually doesn’t help. If your friend believes that you are the right person for him/her then it is difficult to shake that belief. The fall out of such a situation could be you losing a friend.
  3. Even if the admirer is someone who has been introduced to you recently, don’t be abrupt or short with them. This could lead to feelings of rejection or revenge and you may end up with a stalker on your hands.
  4. Deal with them gently but firmly and then try to spend as little time as possible with them.


  • Ease away gently from unwanted fans by not returning calls, or having other company when they come calling.


  • Don’t be rough by telling them to get lost and do their worst or something like that. This could give rise to a situation which you might not know how to deal with.