How to select a gift your teenager will like

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Teenagers are extremely difficult to buy for because…they are TEENAGERS!!!

Deciding on a gift

  • The first step in buying a gift for a teenager is to think about what their likes and dislikes are. Try and think of gifts that will interest them.
  • Peek at they types of things that are in their room. Don't snoop, but when you are putting their laundry on the bed, glance around and see what they already have. Buy gifts along those lines.
  • Look at gifts that they have received in recent years. If they are still interested in those gifts, then giving something along those lines may be an option.
  • Be sneaky! When watching television, make mental notes of the products in commercials that your teenager thinks are "cool".

This option lets the teenager pick out their own gift without even knowing it.

  • Look at a catalog when they are in the room chances are they will be curious and start looking at it with you.
  • Work the gift you are thinking about buying the teenager into a conversation to get their opinion of it. This needs to be done very carefully to avoid any suspicion from the teenager.
  • Ask the teenager to make a list of the top ten items they would like as a gift, this way you have a choice of what to give that you know the teenager wants.

Gift Certificates

  • If all else fails and you are still at a loss as to what to buy for a teenager, there are these wonderful little things call "Gift Certificates" that can make any teenager happy.