How to search for coupons

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Using coupons when buying groceries can save you money. It might take time and some effort, but it will be worth it when you see your reduced grocery bill. Where to find them?

  1. First, look inside the Sunday edition of your local newspaper. The paper will have put in coupons for retail advertisements.
  2. Second, have other people save coupons for you. If possible, ask family and friends for their help, but make sure you let them know what kinds of products and brands you prefer.
  3. Third, grocery stores have coupon machines or racks that contain coupons, for them look in the front entrance of the store. Also, some stores have a place where you can exchange coupons with other customers called a coupon exchange box.
  4. Lastly, you can look for coupons on the internet. You can search for them at Google or use a different search engine, just remember to type in "grocery coupons." When that is done, websites that offers coupons will appear, you can then either print them and redeem them at your local grocery store.


If you are the kind of shopper that tends to by more generic brands then coupons might not be for you. Coupons are more useful for people who purchase more name-brand items. Also, if your are the kind of person that purchase groceries by price rather then brand, you can spend more money using coupons that applies to name brands only. An example, is if you were to get 50 cents off a $3.00 name-brand product, but the generic is for $2.25 at regular price, then using a coupon will cost you a quarter.