How to run Firefox from an USB stick

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Firefox is a very versatile browser. Among its many capabilities is the ability to run from removable media, by copying it after it has been installed and using a simple batch file.

If, for some reason, you do not want to resort to Firefox Mobile (maybe because you want to use the latest Firefox version and do not want to wait for a Firefox Mobile upgrade?), here is how to do it:


  • Insert the USB stick and mount it.
  • Copy the Firefox folder and your Profile folder to the USB stick.
  • Open Notepad and create a new file with the following contents:
start \Firefox\firefox.exe -profile \FFProfile
  • Save the document in the root folder of the USB stick. In the Save As... box from Notepad, type:

including the quotes, so that the file is not saved with a .bat extension.

  • Now run Firefox using this batch file. Type about:config in the address box, find the browser.cache.disk.enable line and toggle it to false, in order to decrease the amount of disk writes.


You may also consider using a directory sync-enabled file manager or application to synchronize the copy on the USB stick with your installation of Firefox. Most modern file managers have this option.